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Thursday, June 27, 2013


          Actually this is my first entry in but I posted my second entry first haha! This is entitled "Loverboy".

I am wearing...
Black long sleeves from REBORN,
Checkered (black and white) bow-tie from Armando Caruso,
Maroon chino pants from Oxygen,
and Steel-toe shoes from a store somewhere in D.Jose.

Sometimes we tend to think of mixing tops, bottoms and shoes and we will end up "baduy", but here's a tip, don't be afraid! Because being weird in fashion is uniqueness (always remember Lady Gaga), you just have to have composure and you have to deliver your style with confidence so you can pull it off!

Be brave! Don't be afraid to mix and match. :3

Sorry for the picture of my shoes, actually I made this collage in Photogrid (if you have it on your phone! haha!) and I copied it in my computer and yeah there you go, a blurred image of my shoes. :3