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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black Couture

          My 5th Entry will be my first look in one of the Category MTP Production's gave us and this is called "Black Couture". Actually I am really looking for an outfit which I can bare my sexy side so when I saw this vest, it captures my attention bought it right away. I am really a lil' gigolo looking here when I described it in my page, so here it is...

I am wearing...

Jeweled Colar with chains from MRD2,
Extended Vest from Oxygen Clothing Ph,
Floating Cuffs from MRD2,
Black Skinny Stretch Pants from Oxygen Clothing Ph,
and Steel-toe Black Low Cut Boots from a store somewhere in D.Jose.

Okay! MRD2 is a store in Tutuban Mall abbreviation for MURA DITO which is not really matching for their store name because of the fact that all items that they are selling is really expensive. haha! For me this look is a little provocative because of the fact that I already showed my nips in one of my pictures in facebook account, but of course I need to be professional even though I am flaunting my almost half-naked body because this is my first ramp-modelling and I've been into trainings, my mentors said that whatever happens if there is wardrobe malfunctions or what, just continue and ramp with composure. haha! So that's it! till my next post. See ya! :3

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Swagger Jagger!

          My 4th entry, I am actually trying to be a swagger in this one. Anyways let's go back to business. By the way I just got home from Trinoma to watch Despicable Me 2, but unfortunately all tickets were already sold out, so wala na! Umuwi kaming luhaan. haha. (dami kong daldal, eto na.)

I am wearing...

Red Chicago bulls cap from Am Blvd,
Faded-striped sweatshirt hoodie from On the Byas,
Black Tapered Slim Leg Low Waist from Oxygen,
and Black Steel-toe shoes from Vagono.

Actually I bought the hoody sweater via online, I bumped with an online seller via Instagram, and then we had a transaction and then hand me this hoody, we decided to meet in SM Manila for my assurance. We know that there are bad people out there who do fraud, so we have to be clever and know how to identify who are bogus sellers and who are legitimate sellers.

I hope everybody's doing fine! See you around! Don't forget to hype my look in Thank youuuu! :3 follow me in all of my accounts and I'll follow back. mwah!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Plain Wesley

          Good Day readers (kung meron man. haha!) here's my 3rd entry in my blog. I named it "Plain Wesley". Why? Don't ask me, that name is significant and I don't want to elaborate things. haha! Hmmm... let's start.

I am wearing...

White long sleeves from Abercrombie,
Black sando from Bench,
Stainless Cross-ringed necklace from SM Accessories,
Plated gold watch from Titan,
Red pants from Chemistry,
and Black shoes from Milanos.

What can you say? In my opinion white colors is not really for "moreno" like me, again "in my opinion", because if you have tanned skin and then you will wear white, your complexion of being tanned will definitely  be noticeable and if you don't have confidence you can't pull it off wearing white. But of course "ginusto kong isuot 'to " so I don't care if I can't pull it off or not. haha! Anyways I had a great day today. Till next week. :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


          Actually this is my first entry in but I posted my second entry first haha! This is entitled "Loverboy".

I am wearing...
Black long sleeves from REBORN,
Checkered (black and white) bow-tie from Armando Caruso,
Maroon chino pants from Oxygen,
and Steel-toe shoes from a store somewhere in D.Jose.

Sometimes we tend to think of mixing tops, bottoms and shoes and we will end up "baduy", but here's a tip, don't be afraid! Because being weird in fashion is uniqueness (always remember Lady Gaga), you just have to have composure and you have to deliver your style with confidence so you can pull it off!

Be brave! Don't be afraid to mix and match. :3

Sorry for the picture of my shoes, actually I made this collage in Photogrid (if you have it on your phone! haha!) and I copied it in my computer and yeah there you go, a blurred image of my shoes. :3

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Underneath the Stars

               This is actually my 2nd entry in that I decided to make a blog, I am really into giving fashion statements wherein I joined ramp modeling last 2012 happened in Star City Theatre, that gives us a chance to give our best in mixing and matching styles in clothing. In my school "Adamson University", every washday I am doing my best to look good and I am happy that they are giving me compliments whenever I wear something unusual to their eyes. :3 

I am wearing...
Printed (Stars) blue long sleeves from MINT,
Navy blue bow-tie from Armando Caruso,
(I dunno if it is brick red or brown. Haha!) Chino pants from SOLO,
and Shoes from Milanos.

All bought inside SM Manila

I really love the stars printed in my long sleeves, I remember when I asked my mom "ma, san mo ba ako pinaglihi?", she answered me, "I really love to eat cookies underneath the stars, gusto ko sa madilim para nakikita ko yung mga bituin."

No wonder why I really love stars. :3

Thank you for reading my blog. till next time! :)