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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black Couture

          My 5th Entry will be my first look in one of the Category MTP Production's gave us and this is called "Black Couture". Actually I am really looking for an outfit which I can bare my sexy side so when I saw this vest, it captures my attention bought it right away. I am really a lil' gigolo looking here when I described it in my page, so here it is...

I am wearing...

Jeweled Colar with chains from MRD2,
Extended Vest from Oxygen Clothing Ph,
Floating Cuffs from MRD2,
Black Skinny Stretch Pants from Oxygen Clothing Ph,
and Steel-toe Black Low Cut Boots from a store somewhere in D.Jose.

Okay! MRD2 is a store in Tutuban Mall abbreviation for MURA DITO which is not really matching for their store name because of the fact that all items that they are selling is really expensive. haha! For me this look is a little provocative because of the fact that I already showed my nips in one of my pictures in facebook account, but of course I need to be professional even though I am flaunting my almost half-naked body because this is my first ramp-modelling and I've been into trainings, my mentors said that whatever happens if there is wardrobe malfunctions or what, just continue and ramp with composure. haha! So that's it! till my next post. See ya! :3