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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Forever21 feat. Topman

          My 6th entry here in my blog, actually I kinda envy those blogger who have these colorful banner and stuffs, they were like putting all of their efforts in their blog, but I want my blog to be plain and simple where everybody won't have difficulties in reading it, joke! ang totoo kasi I already forgot the basic HTML that I've learned in my first course. haha! :3 Anyways let's go back to why you are reading my blog, here we go... 

I am wearing...

Aztec designed sweatshirt from Forever21
Gray and white striped shorts from TOPMAN
and Steel-toe Black Low Cut Boots from a store somewhere in D.Jose.

Haha! favorite ko na talaga kasi yung black kong low cut boots, kasi it really matches all of my stuffs, when I mixed it to that boots, it gives a sense of high-fashioned statement, in my own opinion. Anyways, we all know that Forever21 and Topman are two leading apparel brands nowadays, and take note of the price, I don't have enough money to buy those stuff, fortunately what I am wearing was gifts from my best friend and the sweater is from a special someone.

I find F21 sweater comfy, it's not the typical sweater which gives us a hot comfort when we are wearing it, but this one gives me a little hotness but I think it was really designed to make a fashion statement. I really love the print, the black and white. Bout the Topman shorts, I find it classy, because of the gray stripes, actually in my own opinion, if you were about to buy shorts, look for the shorts which has plain colors, pastel colors will do, and if you want designs, make sure it will not that over-designed. Just plain pastel colors, two-colored shorts will do.

So till here, next week I'll be posting what I wore in the 5th Philippine Kpop Convention in SMX last December 2013. I'll be posting lots of fashion statement here, so keep your eyes on my blog, and by the way if you find my fashion not that good or "baduy", I am really honored to read your comments guys! wag naman hard na comments ha? and if you appreciated it, then you can comment too. Thank you for dropping by! Till next week!