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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On Wednesday I wear PINK

It's been a while like forever since I posted something here in my blog HAHAHA! but since I know as statistics reads it, 1000+ viewers viewed my blog so I guess someone out there is interested on what I wrote here. So I decided to put another, to be honest this style is so last year, HAHAHA. I am fond of wearing shorts and high socks last year and as you know guys, I'm into Kpop inspired ensemble so here's another one...

I am wearing...

pink tie-dye cropped shirt which my brother made for me, and he also put a Hangul text there, if I am not mistaken it is "HOPE and LOVE".

shorts from ukay ukay, wag kayo, I bought it new, yes, it is new, there are bunch of new clothes inside a thrift store, I don't know if those were overruns or what, but I don't care, as long as it gets my attention I'll buy it.

High-socks from bangketa, there are lot of good stuff in bangketa tbh, you just have to have a keen eye for details.

and lastly my all-time-favorite boots I bought last 4 years ago. HAHAHA.

so that'll be all. Till next time. Happy New Year everyone.