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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Plain Wesley

          Good Day readers (kung meron man. haha!) here's my 3rd entry in my blog. I named it "Plain Wesley". Why? Don't ask me, that name is significant and I don't want to elaborate things. haha! Hmmm... let's start.

I am wearing...

White long sleeves from Abercrombie,
Black sando from Bench,
Stainless Cross-ringed necklace from SM Accessories,
Plated gold watch from Titan,
Red pants from Chemistry,
and Black shoes from Milanos.

What can you say? In my opinion white colors is not really for "moreno" like me, again "in my opinion", because if you have tanned skin and then you will wear white, your complexion of being tanned will definitely  be noticeable and if you don't have confidence you can't pull it off wearing white. But of course "ginusto kong isuot 'to " so I don't care if I can't pull it off or not. haha! Anyways I had a great day today. Till next week. :)